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why did you choose homeschooling over catholic sch

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Debating on weather or not to send my daughter to catholic school or try to homeschool her. She'll be entering into 1st grade. I have 2 other kids under 4 and I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it.

Hi Jennifer


Great question!

FYI before the answer - I am Karen and my husband and I have 6 children 4 to 18. We have hs'd our children since the oldest started 2nd grade (going on 12 years! Yikes!).

Our oldest attended Catholic school for Pre and K and then did local school for 1st. We decided to hs because she was reading at a much higher level than her 'peers' and was not be taught to her skills. Also, I missed my little ones when they were in school and un-programming them every afternoon became a hassle. When I became pregnant with number 3 the end of her K year, it became evident that the cost would be prohibitive as well.

The Catholic school we joined said prayers before snack and they did go to Mass on Holy Days, but other than that, it wasn't any different than the local school.

I know everyone has fears when jumping on the hs wagon - not sure exactly what your concerns are. I believe somewhere here is information about a 'new to homeschooling' night coming up in August. I will try to find the info and post a like here.

Not sure where you are - we are in Raynham. If you would like to talk, let me know!

Hope that helps a little!


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Hi Jennifer & Welcome.

I am a HS mom to 5 ages 9,7,4,2 and 5months.
Why? I like Karen and many others here actually like being with our kids! I want them around me. I want to be the one answering their questions, their many, many, many questions! Smile
I want to spend my days filling their hearts and minds with a strong faith in God and a love for learning.

At home you are able to cater to their specific needs, whether they are excelling or lagging behind a bit.
Celebrating feast days in special ways, and reading stories together as a family can be a magical experience.

If you feel you are being called to homeschool, you probably are.. PRAY...The right decision will come to you..and
remember any decision you make does not have to be a final one.

But I would like to encourage you! Yes, you can do it! It will not always be easy. But the fruits will abound.

We will be praying for you as you discern this vocation for your family.

If you have any questions, please ask away...
There are many families here, all with different experiences that can help with your questions.


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