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You Might be a Homeschooler if...

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1 You Might be a Homeschooler if... on Wed 21 Jan - 20:57

Cute! Exclamation cheers lol!

Set to music with great pictures!


You Might be a homeschooler if......

You come to school in your PJ's.
Your biology lab consists of assisting in your sibling's birth.
Your stacks of books to check out is taller than the librarian.
Your PE comes from chasing little toddlers around.
Your school bus is a 9 passenger van.
You consider school work after lunch to be cruel and unusual punishment.
Your father has ever told the check-out lady at Wal-mart, "We're on a field trip."
Your social life is viewed by some to be one rung lower than that of a Benedictine monk.
Your teacher has ever written your report card on a napkin.
You have to move dirty laundry off your desk before your can start school.
The signatures on your diploma all end with the same last name.
Everyone else in the world is referred to as "Non-homies."
Your Mother's wardrobe consists primarily of denim jumpers.
Your first real date is on your honeymoon.
The word 'homework' sounds like an foreign language.
Your yearbook is also your babybook.
A snow day means that you shovel the driveway after you finish your school work.
You enjoy the pastime of watching public school kids walk home from school.
You have to look at the clock to see if you can call your public school friends yet.
Health class consists of eating breakfast.
You have to decide what year you want to graduate.
You are always late but just call it "homeschooler time."
The teacher can kiss the principal, and no one thinks it's unusual.
You get to school and the teacher asks you if you've done all your chores.
Your school dress code is: No Nudity Allowed
You are firmly convinced that high school causes brain damage
You sleep in till 9 am on weekdays but get up at 7 am on Sundays
You have more siblings than sweaters
You know what a 'Park Day' is
Your favorite author is Jane Austen, G.K. Chesterton, or P.G. Wodehouse
You have ever suffered through Saxon Math
All birthdays are school holidays
You have ever finished your schoolwork before breakfast
You taunt high schooled friends during finals week
People compliment you on your polka dot suspenders and mismatched socks.
You spend more than 2 hours each day reading and writing....voluntarily
You are 16 years of age or older and still have never been on a date (because you know better!)
You know what 'Unit Studies' are
You have more than 2 science experiments going on in your room
You know more than 1 Latin paradigm
You have ever spent the entire school day in pajamas
You regularly utilize words such as: "malingering", "tedious", and "indubitably"
You consider sled riding phys ed
Your IQ is greater than your weight
You check out more than 10 books each time you visit the library
You have ever attempted to teach yourself physics
When asked about your GPA, you say: "Oh, probably 4.0."
You have no idea as to what rock bands are currently popular...but you can recite all of the stages of cellular mitosis (in order).
You believe that you are the most intelligent human in your age bracket within a ten mile radius.
You actually want to recieve books on your birthday
Cleaning your room counts as Phys-Ed.
Your field trip takes you over seas.
Shop class includes watching your brother fix his car.
Your track meet is riding into town to race bikes with a friend.
Your public schooled friend has ever asked you to proof-read his love-letters.
You have to clean off clothes, papers, books, etc., on the kitchen chairs so that you may actually begin school work.
You use a King James Bible for every subject.
You have more pens and pencils than you know what do with.
You just can't get enough books-even if you've already filled every room in the house as your library.
You get extended allowances on books at the library.
You have water beetles in bowls of water, millipedes in tanks, june bugs in aquariums, etc., in each room of the house.
Learning to cook is called home education (or home economics).
Helping dad build things is called carpentry class.
Going to the beach to watch/view sand castles is called a field trip-we learn about physics, architecture, worldly people's socialization practices.

Set to music with great pictures!


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