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Catholic Treasure Box

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1 Catholic Treasure Box on Tue 20 Oct - 7:34

Michele I have searched since my oldest was little for these as well!! I did call Tan at one point and they said they had no plans to reprint them Sad I did order the book that they stories are from through Interlibrary loan, however years ago. The Story about an Angel by Fr. George Scriven....see if you can get it! I LOVE those stories as well!!

God Bless, Liz

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2 Re: Catholic Treasure Box on Tue 27 Oct - 13:23

I emailed Tan books and asked what kind of a demand they would need because it seems there is a high demand for these books. They are impossible to find used. This was her response below. So, if anyone is interested, let me know. There is no commitment to buy; I just want to show them the demand.
"We would probably need to see a substantial increase of interest in the books 11-20 for an extended period before our production department would consider going to print on the 21+ books. Hopefully in the future we’ll be able to carry the full line, but I’ve been told it isn’t a practical reality for our production schedule currently. Thanks for your interest though! It was funny, yesterday afternoon I had someone call about the books 21+ also, after I had replied to your email. Perhaps if I received several more calls over the next few months I would be able to put some pressure on our production department." ;-)

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3 Re: Catholic Treasure Box on Tue 27 Oct - 16:10

Do you have the contact information? I would love to purchase them too, when they become available. Thank you Michelle!

God bless,
Jennifer Smile

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4 Catholic Treaure Box on Tue 3 Nov - 20:11

You know I am definitly interested! Thanks, Liz

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5 Re: Catholic Treasure Box on Wed 4 Nov - 18:29

Please forward that contact information, as I would be interested as well.


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6 Re: Catholic Treasure Box on Tue 1 Dec - 16:29

I was conversing with Sarah Laurell [sarahl@tanbooks.com].
Please send her an email to advise that you would be interested in volumes 21+. Again, there is no committment to purchase...it is just to get production department interested.
I put a post on Cathswap too!

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