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homeschooling accomplishments!!

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1 homeschooling accomplishments!! on Mon 25 Jan - 13:01

Hi all,

This past weekend, Sophia learned how to read. Just CVC words like cat, sat, bat...

Strangely enough, she learned to spell them first then began to sound the letters together. I was so excited for her but also for myself, I actually helped her to read!! I thought, "Hmmm maybe I can do this homeschooling thing after all". When I told my mom, she said "That's because you teach them so well"
Yes, vindication!!!

I never thought that when my first one learned how to read, that I'd feel this level of pride in her and confidence in my teaching abilities. I guess this is why we handle the day to day stresses of homeschooling; for feelings/moments like this. : )

I feel like God gave me a moment of pure clarity as to why Rob and I decided to homeschool. It's undeniable that the reward far out weighs the struggle, for our family. (Although check back when they're teenagers : ))

Have any of you had this moment in your homeschooling "careers" when you could nearly jump out of your skin with pride and confidence?

Hoping you have many moments of clarity in your future.

God Bless,

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2 Re: homeschooling accomplishments!! on Mon 25 Jan - 13:09

I am so thrilled for you! Luke is starting to sound out a few words, too, and it is so much fun... Moments like this do make the rest worthwhile. Thank you for sharing and be confident in your choice.

Have a blessed week!

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