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winter promise or tapestry of grace

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Has anyone used either of these curriculums?
What did you like or dislike?

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Michelle -
I have not used either- however, I did seriously look at Winter Promise - I stayed with Sonlight because many of the books were the same and the main difference seems to be SL has a much more detailed schedule and WP is more hands on, crafty stuff ...
If you check the archives at SLCatholic Yahoo group, you should be able to find a large amt of activity on this subject - there might even be a file on the main differences..
good luck

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Recently ,I was just looking at Winter Promise's "Timelines in History". It is a premade heavy card stock time line book, with space to add your own notebooking pages, artwork, etc... They also sell the timeline figures that help you create your own History book.
Seems like a great time saver and neat way to make a quality timeline. keeper Smile
I'm also curious to hear if anyone can comment on their products.

God Bless,

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Thanks for your feedback. I too love sonlights core history, but my kids are crafty (and I am not). I've been very happy with it and the kids love it because there favorite subject is history.I've read alot on the sl-yahoo about WP. I guess I just want to see it or hear how it works from someone I know.

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