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When to Notify School District

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1 When to Notify School District on Sat 28 Aug - 20:41

Hello all! :-)

We are going to give our 5 year old First Grade Instructions (using Calvert Program) this Fall. I know that children are required to be in school when they turn 6 and a family gets a notification for that purpose. In our case, do we need to notify our District (we live in Taunton) right now when our child starts First Grade, or should we wait next year when he turns 6 and is legally required to be schooled.

Thank you for your input and advice.

Best regards,


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2 Re: When to Notify School District on Sat 28 Aug - 22:00

Hi! Welcome to the group glad you are here!

You should notify the district when they are of legal age, there is no need to do it before. HSLDA recommends waiting until compulsory age. She was not registered for Kindergarten right?

Mandatory Minimum Age for School Attendance: Each child must attend school beginning in September of the calendar year in which he or she attains the age of six.

Here is a great link for advice on writing your plan and for other tips for Homescholing in MA http://www.ahem.info/HSinMAPage.htm


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3 Re: When to Notify School District on Sat 28 Aug - 22:22

Thank you very much for your advice, Wendy. :-)

As for my son being registered for Kindergarten, he was not. We just went ahead and taught him what we could teach him (which were things that were downloaded off the net) in order to minimize TV and internet games.

I will check the link that you sent too. :-) Thanks again.

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4 Re: When to Notify School District on Sun 29 Aug - 21:28

I agree with Wendy. Last year, I had two doing first grade, even though one was five. When I called the school department for the applicatiom, they said I only needed the application for my six-year-old and to wait to submit paperwork on my five-year-old. In Weymouth, they want the paperwork in two weeks before you plan on teaching.

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