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Has anyone used Child-sized Masterpieces?

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I'm wondering if anyone can give me a review of "Child-sized Masterpieces." Basically, I'm wondering if the program is worth the $.

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I have used this- and have a set that you can take a look at. I never finished putting the folders together but we used parts of it- but in general I like the program for younger kids. However it has been years since I pulled it out.

The manual can be read once or twice- could be borrowed- and the postcards are worth getting to save the running around.- But you need more pictures than just the postcard books provide.

The idea is that children will learn to recognize masterpeices and artists by using them and matching them. And compareing styles There is little in the way of background information on the artists.

I liked the CHC art supplement that was once part of the 4th grade lesson plans- I think they may sell it seperatly now also. This had more technique and background info.- Better for 3rd of 4th grade.

If you can find Child Size Masterpeices on Cathswap it would be worth it- but it is not as complete as it looks in the catalog.

Others may have other opinions. Lets see who chimes in.


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